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Published on March 5th, 2014 | by Donald McIntyre


CoinSummit Co-Founder Pamir Gelenbe Talks About The Event’s Speakers And Topics

All the Bitcoin hot topics will be covered at the CoinSummit conference this month in San Francisco.

After recent events the timing couldn’t be more perfect and the speakers are key personalities and players in the crypto-currency space.

From Silicon Valley VC investor Marc Andreesen to founders of high profile Bitcoin startups like Nejc Kodric of Bitstamp, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase, and Nic Carey of Blockchain everybody will be discussing the MtGox debacle, new regulation risks, current adoption trends, smart property, and what’s ahead for digital currencies in general.

In this interview Pamir Gelenbe, co-founder of the CoinSummit conference series talks about the event and what to expect.

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