Bitcoin CoinSummit San Francisco >>>

Published on February 27th, 2014 | by Donald McIntyre


5 Reasons Why CoinSummit San Francisco Will Be Huge

Newfination is proud to attend CoinSummit San Francisco 2014, but the better news is it will be huge!

CoinSummit San Francisco >>>

CoinSummit San Francisco >>>

Not only for its reputation (checkout the CoinSummit London 2013 video below) and the fact that 500 core Bitcoin community members and personalities will be attending, but the timing makes it even more relevant.

These are the 5 points I will be paying attention to carefully while at the conference:

1. Talk about MtGox crisis: Of course we are all going to be sharing our thoughts, to put it politely, about MtGox, the losses incurred by the public and so many bitcoiners, and how badly Mark Karpeles has handled this debacle. But more importantly the issue of malleability will be explained and also how it is going to be resolved for good.

2. Bitcoin resilience: The crisis didn’t imply a complete price crash for BTC, but potentially it means hundreds of millions of dollars in permanent losses. How will exchanges guaranty transparency? Audits? Open balance sheets? These are critical issues if Bitcoin is to be adopted by mass markets.

3. Heavyweight investors on board: The conference is big in VC/startup activity, but Mark Andreesen’s keynote speech will be critical to provide direction to the whole entrepreneur/developer/business ecosystem.

4. Heavyweight entrepreneurs: The “big 4″ (Coinbase,, Bitstamp, and BitPay) will all be present through its founders, and explain their current strategies and growth trends.

5. Alt-coin representation: Ripple, DogeCoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum will be pitching the advantage of alternative options, but also talking about the future of Bitcoin through smart contracts and smart property, two functionalities many think will catapult BTC prices to new levels.

Check out CoinSummit here >>>

See you there, if not I will keep you updated!

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