Money Jesse Powell, founder and CEO of Kraken

Published on October 16th, 2013 | by Donald McIntyre


Jesse Powell Talks About The Kraken Digital Currency Exchange – Money2020

Jesse Powell, founder and CEO of Kraken

Jesse Powell, founder and CEO of Kraken

Kraken is a foreign currency exchange that let’s individual traders and institutions in the US and abroad trade fiat currencies like the US Dollar and the Euro against digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ven.

Trading a “pair” means that you can trade Bitcoins (Symbol: XBT) for Dollars (Symbol: USD) and so on.

On Kraken you can currently trade 13 pairs:

XBT/USD (Bitcoins against Dollars)
XBT/EUR (Bitcoins against Euros)
XBT/XRP (Bitcoins against Ripples)
XBT/LTC (Bitcoins against Litecoins)
XBT/XVN (Bitcoins against Vens)
USD/XRP (Dollars against Ripples)
EUR/XRP (Euros against Ripples)
USD/XVN (Dollars against Vens)
EUR/XVN (Euros against Vens)
LTC/USD (Litecoins against Dollars)
LTC/EUR (Litecoins against Euros)
LTC/XRP (Litecoins against Ripples)
LTC/XVN (Litecoins against Vens)

In this video Jesse Powell founder and CEO of Kraken, gives some details about the service:

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Donald is an internet entrepreneur and founder of Previously he was a financial advisor at McIntyre S.A. and a stock broker at Morgan Stanley and UBS Securities.

  • jespow

    Thanks for the interview, Donald!

  • Donald.McIntyre

    jespow Thank you and I hope this is one of many more interviews so Newfination users can learn more about Kraken.

  • GeorgeukHansonn

    they take forever to verify your account because of anti money laundering bullshit and impose bullshit 2k daily limit

  • AndyVisser

    I have 265 LTC on hold for over 55 hours on I’ve lost out of thousands of dollars, they’re support woll not reply, been over 54 hours since the first mail sent out to ask that the funds be released. Zero help from their end, beginning to think they may just keep them for themselves. Can’t believe the money I’ve lost, thanks!

  • AndyVisser

    And I’ve veified for $20k per day, they verified in just hours, and now won’t let me access my funds. A big heads up to everybody out there

  • jespow

    GeorgeukHansonn We’re definitely experiencing some growing pains.  We’ve just hired 8 new support agents to help us with the explosive growth we’ve seen in the last week.  Verification delays should be cleaned up pretty quickly.  For higher limits, you may go for Tier3+.  Thanks for bearing with us.

  • jespow

    AndyVisser Hi Andy, many apologies for the delay on your LTC deposit.  The support queue is a bit backed up at the moment.  If you could give me your public account id, I’ll take a look in to the problem for you.

  • AndyVisser

    jespow AndyVisser It’s fixed now, but it cost me $3000. Unless there’s gonna be some sort of compensation for this, I won’t have anything half-decent to say on the forums. The transfer of digital currency is nearly instant, in the 3 days I’ve waited the price has changed drastically, and I’m the one who gets to pay for so far.

  • jespow

    AndyVisser Good to hear.  I might be able to do something for you but I will need to take a look at your account and see what happened.

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