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Published on June 5th, 2013 | by Donald McIntyre


Jilliene Helman’s Realty Mogul Enables Crowdfunding For Real Estate Opportunities [Video Interview]

Now smaller investors can participate in the real estate investment market using Realty Mogul and the power of crowdfunding. For now “accredited investors” have access with minimums of $5000, but as soon as the SEC implements the JOBS Act everybody will be able to participate.

In a market that has always been reserved for the wealthy and sophisticated Jilliene Helman, Co-founder and CEO of Realty Mogul, is providing key value added to small investors not only with Realty Mogul’s crowdfunding platform, but also with a team of experts that analyze and approve selected investment opportunities.

In this video Jilliene talks about her background and explains how Realty Mogul works:

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Realty Mogul -  Passive Real Estate Investing  Simplified.

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  • Chris

    Wow great concept! I was wondering how much Realty Mogul is charging for its service?
    Who is paying them? The developer or the investors. What is the diffrence to a normal closed-end-fund, because i don’t see any difference here?! Thanks

    • Donald McIntyre

      Good questions, I will relay to RM to see if they can comment on this, cheers, Donald.

    • Donald.McIntyre

      @ChrisGood questions, I will relay to RM to see if they can comment on this, cheers, Donald.

    • Donald.McIntyre

      @Chris Please find the reply above your comment, thank you!

  • Realty_Mogul

    Hi Chris, this is Jilliene Helman, the CEO of Realty Mogul – thanks for the question.  On our loans, we get paid from the spread.  For example, the borrower may pay 11% and we may pay investors 9% – we also pay for all admin costs out of the spread.   For our equity transactions, we charge the real estate company who we are working with fees to conduct due diligence on the transaction.  We also charge fees to the investors to do the reporting, admin and provide technology related services.  These fees are flat fees and depend on the transaction.  We outline these fees specifically on our website for each transaction.

  • Donald.McIntyre

    Hello Jilliene, I forgot to ask you on the video also about Realtor commissions, are there any or Realty M or developer charges (transaction commissions)?

  • Realty_Mogul

    Donald.McIntyre If varies by transaction.  Sometimes there is a third party Realtor who is paid commissions and sometimes the company itself is a licensed Realtor and will get paid when they broker the transaction.  We disclose this on a transaction by transaction basis.

  • Chris

    Cool, thanks guys!

  • Chris_Cross

    Donald.McIntyre Hey Donald, thanks for forwarding my question. BTW nice website you got going here..ride on with it!!
    Realty_Mogul Hey Jilliene, 11% sounds high to me. I clearly understand the benefit on the investors side. But what is the value proposition on the developer side? Why not go to a bank and get a loan on a lower rate?

  • Realty_Mogul

    Chris_Cross Many of these loans are loans that banks will not typically do.  They could be investor loans or rehab loans to renovate distressed properties and the duration of the loans are typically shorter, like 6 months or 12 months so getting them approved through bank bureaucracy is not profitable for the banks.  The rehab loans are also non-owner occupied and banks tend not to lend on non-owner occupied.

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